Site restoration is key to “green” development

While Shawnigan Lake ECO-Industrial Park is taking a restorative approach to re-developing the site, it is also  preventing further infringement on undeveloped natural lands by re-using a site that has seen industrial activities for over one hundred years. Previous site activities were industrial logging, a logging railway, and gravel extraction. The site is now being rehabilitated, using “site adaptive“ planning and maintaining existing, natural tree buffers. Site drainage has been upgraded, creating a “filter” that results in improved water quality on site, as well as protection of the downstream watershed. Because we are restoring a pre-existing industrial property, using LEED standards, SEIP has earned the approval of Shawnigan Lake Watershed Watch – unusual for any development proposed for the Shawnigan Lake area, where watershed protection is a matter of urgent concern. Several factors contribute to SEIP as an attractive commercial/industrial location:


  • Existing transportation and 3 phase power infrastructure
  • Close to Trans Canada highway
  • Proximity to rail
  • Just 20 minutes from Victoria
  • Lower cost of land, housing and taxes
  • Access to abundant local timber supply
  • Close to prime recreational areas
  • Gravelly, well drained site, easily contoured
  • For locators – lower ongoing operating costs with the bonus of lots of outdoor storage

One development possibility – a 5 lot subdivision (already approved)

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