Our Vision

A public area with showrooms and shops?

Given our location and the abundance of wood available locally, we can envision a centre for value-added forest products companies – where larger wood manufacturers (perhaps a producer of factory-built custom homes, a truss plant, a glulam plant, a remanufacturing plant, and so on) could fit in with woodcraft artisans and their showrooms .

Perhaps a home design/contractor/coordination centre could be located here, with shops and offices for tradespeople and construction suppliers and their showrooms.

While there are many other possibilities, ideally we imagine a blend of wood-based industrial and commercial activities on much of the property – processing wood from local, sustainably managed forests. We believe that area residents, and tourists alike, would be attracted to the park – where they could purchase products that have been created on site – from innovative design through finished product – all using sustainable operating practices, in LEED standard buildings.

A portion of the park could be a public area with a blend of showrooms and shops – featuring cabinet makers, custom furniture designers, flooring, and wood door and window companies. Perhaps the park will become home to a woodcraft education or interpretive centre. Perhaps a skills training centre for youth and/or First Nations could be built here.  We may even play host to locators who cater to local residents, with a restaurant, general store and other possible amenities such as an education or fitness centre. The possibilities are unlimited .

Our idea is to integrate a multi-use, public friendly space with the heavier (but clean) industrial areas so the park becomes available and accessible all week long, for the whole community. Given our arrangement with the CVRD Parks Commission, in which we provided extra dedicated park lands along the adjoining creek, there is an opportunity for this site to connect with a regional trail network as well.


An ideal location for value-added wood products manufacturers. (Click to enlarge)

We envision a commercial/industrial and potentially retail and services node – serving the residents of the South Shawnigan Lake Area, as well as the businesses that locate here.

  • Public-friendly components could include retail stores and services, weekend and evening activities or classes – along with access to our creek-side public park area (with the potential to connect with a regional trail system).
  • We envision developing a community amenity combined with a work environment.
  • Depending on the businesses that locate here, we foresee providing significant opportunities for local employment.
  • While there are endless possibilities, we are targeting value-added wood products manufacturers – large and small – in an effort to encourage a “100 mile diet” approach to the industry – with these businesses drawing on abundant local wood supplies.
  • SEIP offers alternative commercial transportation options (i.e. access to rail).
  • The park will provide opportunities for business and industry to build and operate in a sustainable fashion — while reducing energy and operating costs, and while gaining from the synergies that are possible (e.g. one company’s waste could be another company’s fuel).
  • We envision Shawnigan Eco-Industrial Park (SEIP) as a key building block in the sustainable development of the entire South Shawnigan Lake area.
  • Featuring affordable housing and acreage homesites – with proximity to lakes, boating and trails – the South Shawnigan area offers an opportunity to work, live and play, just minutes from city amenities


We wish to acknowledge the contributions of the following three firms: